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Alicia Carroll

The reigning Award-Winning Medalist, Large and Small Business Liaison of the Tech World – a WOSB history of excellent past performance in aerospace 

 An energetic woman of the tech world, Alicia Carroll is the executive leader of Tech Innovation Global (TIG) Incorporated, a comprehensive solution for services and business needs. Tech Innovation Global Incorporated is a USFCR approved global company in engineering and management solutions. Alicia Carroll, an engineer with 20 years of experience, serves as the President of Tech Innovation Global Incorporated, with Trident Solutions LLC and the advising of senior experts in filling a $66 billion-dollar services market in the United States Huntsville, Alabama, registered by USFCR

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the leading economies and businesses realized the limitations of not having immediate supply capability planning, business advising, screening services and settings for large to small corporations, additional safety and an alternative to digital storefronts. Now, more than ever, even the smallest of enterprises and professionals are looking for a way to launch their business with a way to reach out to customers for continued safety, and take their business online, which is when Tech Innovation Global (TIG) Incorporated steps in under the headship of Alicia. The company provides services, technical advising, consulting, including data analysis and deriving deliverables from requirements/guidelines as companies rearrange their work and recover from the COVID-19 impact.

Previously, Alicia Carroll served as an advisor for services in science and technology as an engineer. She has always performed challenging roles in her career since the beginning of 2002 as her goal is to analyze planning for a successful implementation using a history of ongoing developments and modifications required to successfully complete assignments and prepare the upcoming generation. Today, because of Tech Innovation Global Incorporated’s experience and work in COVID-19, she’s an executive on the advisory board to foreign chambers. As the President of Tech Innovation Global Incorporated, she interfaces with various experts, businesses, and countries as a liaison to accomplish the company’s goals.

Alicia finds her biggest professional challenge to be flexibility. “I sacrificed personally and professionally in researching composites for income while earning a degree in engineering,” she says. When she was in the mid-level stage of her career, she was already traveling places every 8 weeks and joined five locations by telecon in hardware or product development and demonstration realiability goals. “Leading senior-level professionals can be challenging in your twenties given the majority of your peers may have a different function and environments.” Several people work his or her way up from past experiences to ensure success or may shadow others as an apprentice (electrician, scholar, trainee). A professional community also provides several opportunities. In 2019, America achieved several technological advancements in new space flight technology to present. It is the collaboration between companies and communities, heritage technology and ability to have the best people to fill a requirement or need brings about a revolution in each industry. Tech Innovation Global Incorporated and companies launched a $20 million per year technology initiatives for companies in performance 2021 to 2031 including museums/training facilities, veteran-owned business, minority owned and woman-owned small businesses to assist charities in performance 2021 to 2031 in communities. The infusion of funding would also help improve job retention and availability in the services industry.

Being a woman leader, Alicia encounters most struggles in her career with balancing her time. “Overall, my personal leadership journey is in the ability to take what I’ve learned within my company and share our vision with external audiences.” During her tenure, she has worked with several teams and gathered awards recognizing her exceptional leadership and exemplary performance. But the award of working with people on her team, learning, and telling the world about the fulfilling work she does at Tech Global is the closest to her.

 “I demonstrate this by sharing Tech Innovation Global Incorporated’s capabilities at leadership and liaisons meetings each month, outreach activities, connected with 3,000 businesses, reaching out to industry and continuing to provide analysis at Tech Innovation Global Incorporated.”

Her venture, Tech Innovation Global, a USFCR Inc, is a woman-owned small business initiated in 2019 that includes services like Trident, Mental Health screening CPEs, and now has a service tool at and www. The company has been performing detailed COVID-19 supply capabilities and analysis since the beginning of the pandemic in February 5, 2020, while encouraging face mask recommendations and best prevention practices. Alicia shares, “We’re launching a new tool at TIG where companies and individuals can sign up using an electronic device.”

Under her guidance, Tech Innovation Global Incorporated performed U.S. industry NAICS lookup, company profile qualitative analysis, and logistics supply capabilities analysis from February to March 2020 with cross-references to medical equipment, dental equipment, orthopedic equipment, outpatient care, veterinary equipment, and locating outpatient and care businesses while several business switched to a hybrid culture.

Alicia has received 6 awards for COVID-19 efforts, company vision and in her lifetime career twenty-six prestigious awards and recognitions like The 10 Most Influential Women in Tech, 2021, Inspiring Business Women Making a Difference, 2021, Exceptional Service Medal, Leadership Medals 2015, Space Flight Safety Awareness Award and Women’s Program Outstanding Achievement Award, 2017, British Chamber Company Vision Award, 2021, to name a few.

Today, she stands firm with a mission to provide skills post-COVID-19, focus on additional safety, data analysis including face mask recommendations, innovation, and screening to flatten the curve, provide collaborative healthy habits and services to companies and communities. Along this journey, some leadership principles she discovered and executed include measurable achievements, respect, and processes for compliance; values, planning new technology, and improving communities, which are very important standards. “Empowerment is the net effect of enabling others,” she adds. Other vital attributes that contribute to her success are the ability to communicate technical issues, analysis data, intuition, listening (gut), purpose, collaboration, motives, motivation, intensity, and stability.

Alicia Carroll is also the author of three books that offer insights about the tech world based on her. These include Technology ISBN-13: 978-1-7344654-2-6 by Tech Innovation Global Inc, Development & Illustrations for Kids ISBN 978-1-7344654- 4-0, and Daily Life Business & Careers by Tech Daily Life ISBN 978-1-7344654- 1-9 Barnes & Noble and more. She is by far the reigning queen of the tech world!

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