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Brenda Dempsey

‘Booking’ others for success

We don’t know if Brenda Dempsey realises it, but as the high-powered Founder of Book Brilliance Publishing, her life story is one sure to turn a best-seller.

Born in a tenement in the shipping town of Clydebank, Scotland, Brenda was born to lead. Having raised money for starving Biafrian children at the age of ten, she always championed others less fortunate than herself. She left school with no qualification, but returned to education to become a teacher and earn her B.Ed (Hons) degree. Married young, she continued to make a difference despite living in an abusive relationship. When she found herself homeless with four children, she stomped ahead and fulfilled her dream of becoming a teacher.

Today, she continues to soar as she makes others’ dreams come true by publishing their books on a global stage. “Being an educationalist means I am always hungry to learn to aid my intention of being the best version of myself. It’s who I am and I embody learning and making a difference in the world,” asserts Brenda.

In 2017, Brenda became an International Best Selling Author with the release of her book ‘Conceived to Lead’ and #1 Best Selling Author for ‘Voices of Hope’ in 2018. Soon, she found herself being approached by others to help them write their stories. She was also being asked to publish them. Having worked alongside another publisher as their educational expert, it began to nurture a seed that was already planted.

In 2020 came the lockdown. “It was the catalyst I needed for starting my business. If it didn’t
happen, I’m not sure I would be enjoying what I am doing now. Being a publisher has enabled me the opportunity to create a fusion of all my gifts, skills and talents and I am extremely happy to share these with the world,” reveals the magnanimously kind Brenda.

Her educational training, leadership skills and vision of adopting a holistic approach furnished her with a winning formula. Grabbing the opportunity with both hands, Brenda jumped and found her wings with ‘Book Brilliance Publishing’ and is now soaring with the success of not only her business but also that of the authors under her care.

What makes BBP unique is the energy, vision and know-how that Brenda brings to the table. At BBP,
they nurture their authors throughout their journey. Personal and Book Coaching, Business Development, Marketing and PR – takes the authors beyond their ‘Book’ and creates a new mindset and inner belief. Through marketing and PR along with increased confidence, authors relish in their raised profiles, increased expert status, and motivation to take their business to a new level on a global stage. “At the heart of everything we do is collaboration delivered with integrity and reliability, that is why our authors become #1 best selling authors,” adds Brenda.

Brenda might be a boss lady, but like many women, she suffers from the malady of not taking time for herself: “As a woman, I used to refuse to ask for help, but learned that asking for support is not a sign of weakness but of strength and leadership. Now I simply ask away and put others in the spotlight.”

Stating how that also helped her build a team, Brenda adds, “I soon found it takes a team to make a difference. I am growing my team and in just over a year, we are now seven and also have creative partners who support the work we do and our authors. As I scale, my vision will focus more on economies of scale and in turn this will strengthen the economy not just here in the UK but also abroad as I engage others to work for BBP outside of the UK.”

This explains why Brenda has forever excelled in the public domain. In addition to her B.Ed (Hons) Degree, Brenda has a SEN Diploma, is a NLP Practitioner, and a Master Coach and Speaker. She founded her charity
‘Helping Handbags Worldwide’ for homeless and vulnerable women including refugees, and has been
recognised as an Iconic Woman creating a better world for all by WEF as well as a Global Networker
in 2019. In 2021, she was recognised as an Advisor Member of the African and Asian Chamber of
Commerce, Co-Founder of International Consortium for Domestic Peace, and finally, Who’s Who in the

Driven by service, Brenda ascribes her inner strength to her parents and upbringing, “and that is why integrity drives me. I have a heightened growth mindset, flexibility, developed high EQ, and genuine love of life and people,” she says.

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