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Charmaine KM Yan

Powerhouse of Innovation for Better Health

By 2020-21, the world understood the value and importance of possessing good health and protecting it. Charmaine KM Yan, the founder of Bio Genage, observed how people went through and sacrificed a lot for their health, especially during the pandemic. She emphasizes healthy lives
and maintaining wellness at all times with her business to protect our DNA with great health formula and to understand other health-related concepts like avoiding different viruses and maintaining a younger look with anti-aging solutions.

Bio-Genange is a creative concept, working towards a healthy and innovative image that is potent enough to influence people with a good health system. The company believes and respects international law and regulations and therefore creates products with utmost food safety. These products vary for people of different ages to ensure maximum efficiency.

“I think Bio-Genage can be a great motivator for the younger generation to understand, care, and maintain
good health. Not just theirs, but it will also teach them to care for their family’s health, too,” Charmaine says.

Every business faces some challenges. Charmaine balances herself to face such challenges with sheer patience and willingness to listen to different customers’ points of view. To keep expanding in the competitive market, Bio-Genage regularly keeps upgrading its products to meet people’s changing health needs. This task necessitates innovative thinking, accepting new changes in the business, and adapting to different markets & global environment changes. Charmaine and her hands-on team stay prepared to meet these needs of the market round the year.

Charmaine swears by being productive, innovative, flexible in the innovative markets, and in carrying a good & healthy image. “For me, believing in other people in the business is the greatest investment of time.”

An optimist by nature, this powerhouse of innovation for better health also professionally struggled during the pandemic. “We couldn’t go out to meet our clients or take business trips.” But that didn’t stop her and her strong-willed passion for contributing towards better health. Everyone at Bio-Genage kept their work going through zoom calls and e-commerce websites to connect with people and enable online services for customers.

With confidence and faith in her abilities, Charmaine kickstarted this start-up with a business strategy that revolves around the concept of humanity. Under her headship, Bio-Ganage also partakes in noteworthy charity and donation activities.

Bio-Genage made Charmaine believe in building up strong goals for a human’s health and creating a healthy eco-system as important. The firm, she trusts, will create a strong team, group, and global society to influence everyone to focus on their health and thereby protect our living environment. “Believe in your 

intuitions, and don’t give up on your products, groups, or business easily. Give it 100 times more effort and time to achieve your goals. Change the world; change the environment. Reverse the bad in the economy,” says the dynamic lady.

Charmaine also believes in creating good for the world, for which she relies on her strengths of
willingness to accept changes, staying innovative, and being a creative leader for others. Besides that, she is of the opinion that trusting the staff’s abilities can be very profitable for any business. But sometimes, she is a little impatient or over-optimistic, making it difficult to reflect upon the usual ups and downs of the business.

Over her twenty years of professional experience, Charmaine has accomplished and experienced a lot in commercial businesses such as retails, properties, and hotels. She possessed the knack of understanding the different demands of a market. In 2021, Harvard University certified her for CRISPR Technologies for gene editing. “Gathering deep knowledge about genes and the Cas9 system to cure different viruses and cancers was very challenging but worth it!”

Technology has the power to build a stronger, upgraded living environment, which we can create by collaborating with one another. “I believe climate change with zero-emission is a suitable goal that we all should focus on and achieve this goal before 2050,” she adds. Charmaine wants to promote love and humanity to help our world become more sustainable and peaceful. “Our goals will be closer if we make this our mission.”

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