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Chet Hirani

Don’t Let The Doubt Extinguish Your Potential

Chet Hirani is the kind of man who wakes up every morning intending to help at least one person in a day. There are not many people who find extraordinary ways to coach people, and as the founder of “Not your Ordinary Coach,” he does just that! Focused on optimising leadership, growth, and performance, Chet coaches people worldwide with the solitary goal of bringing out the best in them. He works with entrepreneurs wanting to excel to the next level and professionals who desire to perform at their very best.

Ever since studying at university, Chet wanted to be a coach. A Martial Arts Instructor with over fifteen years in Software Tech combined with his life experiences brought into life the concept of “Not Your Ordinary Coach.” Chet’s past job before he founded this lifechanging initiative allowed him to thrive with newer approaches, resonated with his personality, sparking in him the idea of doing something that went above and beyond.

Speaking more about his professional goals, Chet says, “I aim to ensure everyone I work with gain clarity like never before and build an extraordinary commitment to themselves.”

Chet has helped multiple businesses turn from a single entity to a corporation that continues to work, grow and build a great relationship increasing and maximizing their full potential. He is also involved with supporting a business running for over twenty years to create a new brand for global expansion. Additionally, Chet also works with several start-ups, supporting them to establish a solid foundation, create growth and become a sustainable business.

Alongside his mission of helping at least one person a day (he says at least because he doesn’t want to limit himself when it comes to helping others), Chet’s mission is to turn around and eliminate any limiting beliefs. “I also wish to help people realise their full potential and guide them to the next level”

With a coaching leadership style, Chet’s approach is to be humble, honest, appreciative, and unique, despite his tremendous achievements. He believes that a coaching style creates collaboration between the leader and the team members that empower all. “Making the shift puts people in the driving seat of their performance.”

Chet hold’s the word “spirit” close to his heart. “Spirit comes from within, and once this unleashes, your true potential will also shine.” He has experienced the worst, like depression, anxiety, alcohol abuse, divorce, being diagnosed with cancer, to then being told it was TB. But he never let the doubt extinguish his potential and kept going. There isn’t much of life’s downs that Chet hasn’t seen, but it hasn’t let his rock like spirit shatter.

“Coaching has allowed me to take myself and others to a level I never thought possible. I want to ensure
people know they are capable of more, and what they truly believe in is possible,” he shares about his
professional choices.

He attributes his success to the sheer resiliency of choosing the right people to be surrounded by who
have been the driving force to who he is today and his achievements. “When you have a support system in place that picks you up when you’re down, it’s vital to know and acknowledge them.”

In Chet’s opinion, striking a “perfect” work-life balance is non-existent, especially for entrepreneurs and professionals wanting to be the best. However, by reminding himself that his professional life is as
important as his personal life, he manages to strike that unique balance. Not only does it have a positive
impact on his physical and emotional well-being, but spending time with people that matter, and on your own brings out the best in him, which his business and achievements bespeak.

Which is why he has created and implements the 5 States Of Optimisation to have that winning mindset,
using fear as your strength and realising that staying in your own lane is not a narrow lane but a road that
you own and you control.

Ask him how he wants to be recognized, and he says, “My passion is to see all those who I connect or work with to be successful individuals but ensure you find your own unique success. When you believe in this from within and see it turning into a reality, you’re in the right place. This is how I want people to know Chet Hirani.

His advice to someone just starting is just what they need to hear to keep going. “Perfectionism is progress, and you get better every day. Create something and get it out there. Listen to the feedback, build on this, and develop a new version, which is better. I’m improving every day and know I was better than yesterday. ‘Version One Is Better Than Version None’ – Not Your Ordinary Coach.”

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