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Dr. Ignace Niyigaba

A Powerhouse of Guts and Glory

Dr. Ignace Niyigaba can be perfectly summed up in one word – ‘Revolutionary’. A young and dynamic powerhouse with interests in mining, education, agriculture among others, he has emerged as a leading figure in his home country of Rwanda.

With an annual business turnover of 30 million USD, Ignace features prominently in Rwanda’s wealthiest mineral dealers list. However his story began in a small neighborhood in Musambira sector of Kamonyi District in South Province of Rwanda, the land known to be one of ‘a thousand hills’. Ignace grew up as a third child out of seven kids in the family of Rutwaza Paulin and Yamuragiye Gaudence.

A guiding light for young entrepreneurs today, Ignace began his career as a teenager by selling mineral ore products after completing his high school level six in Rwanda. In time, he became a strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) from Atlantic International University (Honolulu, HAWAII – USA) focused in Business and Economics/International Business. He also obtained several trainings in mining and metals, inside Rwanda and outside in different countries. Through this, he developed a passionate interest in the mineralogy of the East African region and Rwanda in particular. Thus the Azteca University (Universidad Azteca) – North America – Mexico, bestowed him with an Honorary Doctorate Degree.

Today Ignace is not only a gifted engineer and business administrator, but also an international expert with a demonstrated history of working in the mining, metals, oil and petroleum industries. A proven ‘financial portfolio source and curator’, Ignace has the ability to take unhealthy portfolios and transform them into healthy and thriving ones. He is also effective at persuading and influencing high-ranking individuals as his opinions are highly valued; people trust and respect his judgments.

One of Ignace’s biggest achievements came in 2013 when he established ‘Gisande Trading Ltd’ for mining and trading of minerals as owner-cum-CEO. In a short span, Gisande registered remarkable recognition for its quality products and services across the globe.

The company processes and adds value up to quality ratings of 25-30% of coltan, 65-70% of cassiterite-tin and 50-70% of wolfram. With this, Gisande Trading is able to face the global markets and win big market shares in countries like China, Kazakhstan, Italy, Japan, Thailand and so on.

Ignace’s large business empire also constitutes subsidiary mining companies in different parts of Rwanda that contribute to the constant supply of mineral ores for his main processing plant. His mineral operations and investments incorporate 5 mining sites/companies including Callianne Mines Ltd in the Western Province, Nyamasheke district;  KOKAMK Mines in Karongi district, Western Province; Birashoboka Mining Ltd in Gatsibo district of the Eastern Province; PROMICO LTD in Rutsiro district of the Western Province; and MIGETRACO Ltd in Bugesera district of the Eastern Province.

Ignace’s runaway success stands testimony to his knowledge and skill in research, business planning and management. His current research focuses on developing tools used to optimize underground mine production schedules. In addition, he is fluent in English, French and Kinyarwanda languages. His communication and networking abilities go a long way in developing relationships with large corporate companies and agencies.

A true visionary, Ignace has interests in farming and agriculture, a procurement company in Mauritius, and an European office in Bulgaria. Yet one of his proudest establishments is in the field of education – He is the Founder and CEO of the International Technical School of Kigali – I.T.S Kigali, which provides technical training in Hotel Management, Tourism, Computer Science and Technology.

Still in his 30s, it comes as no surprise that Ignace is a huge role model for the youth. What is the secret of his success, we ask him. “I don’t let fear win. I love my business and am committed to it. Thus whatever the challenge, I’m never beaten,” answers Ignace.

With ample gusto and flair, Ignace is sought after for his social skills too. Always popular, he feels lucky to have met the beautiful Akingeneye Dally in 2001 while still in high school. Following a few happy years of courtship after school, they tied the knot and welcomed their first born soon thereafter. Today the couple is proud of their stable marriage and a family of 2 boys and 2 girls. “Keeping a family together is like building a puzzle. It may be hard to gather all the pieces, but once gathered, they fit together seamlessly,” sums up Ignace.

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