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Dr. Santarvis Brown

Creating future with his exquisite excellence

‘I don’t believe in being in the rat race, life is too short to be in the rat race. We each must do what makes us happy.’ says Santarvis Brown, a leader, innovator, and changemaker in the education field. Often, we see people rushing through life, making money regardless of whether they enjoy it. But Santarvis had a clear conscience since the beginning, as he says “I have learned that this thing we called life is a book that we get to write every day. My journey thus far has been an enriching and enjoyable one and I learned a long time ago to be open to where God will take me.”

When people around him were struggling to find equilibrium in life, he was certain about one thing, his flair in the education space. Like all entrepreneurs, Santarvis’s biggest challenge on his business journey was finding his niche. “I didn’t know what I wanted to do exactly, but I knew I wanted to do my own thing, something in the education space, and so I began offering institutions and organizations my services,” says Santarvis, who in no time found himself speaking talent to many community and educational forums and serving as a keynote speaker.

With 15+ years of comprehensive experience, Santarvis have been assisting schools with curriculum development, retention/recruitment initiatives, and accreditation needs. Currently serving as a board of directors and senior advisor for multiple companies, Santarvis’s impeccable track record has insured his top position in various universities as well. He is the Senior Vice President of Assessment and Compliance of Charisma University, Executive contributor (Leadership) of Brainz Magazine, education consultant lawyer of Law Office of Keith Altman, and leadership Thought Leader of eCornell.

He has become a changemaker in education showcasing in-depth insight as an administrator, educator, and program director. He serves on numerous boards including the Community Action and Human Services Board, Greater Miami Service Corps Board, and the Miami Gardens Nuisance Abatement Board.

Following his forte into education, it didn’t take Santarvis long to turn towards other activities aimed at society’s welfare which he has been lauded for. He believes that the last couple of years have been kind to him as he relates 

to awards and accolades that he has received. Moreover, he has been honoured with a list of awards which includes Top Black Educator in South Florida Legacy Magazine 2021, Performance Excellence Award in Leadership in GECL Awards 2021, Excellence in Education from Global Forum on Teaching, and Learning, and many more.

Despite being a team player Santarvis doesn’t include himself in the rat race, “By all means run from the rat race and do what leaves you happy and fulfilled. In our society, we always want to judge success on money, but I like to measure success with happiness and fulfillment.”

Since the beginning of his career, Santarvis has left no stone unturned in improving his education space and making it meaningful by serving society as a whole on a larger scale. With an exceptional Leadership acumen and outstanding clarity to services, he ensures tribal students benefit from that fundamental belief. From coming up with plans towards quality education to initiating it, following up with the output, he has proven the significance of his professional career. Santarvis plans to implement programs to help students identify, define and achieve their goals.

Santarvis defines leadership in his own exquisite way based on his experience, “For me, leadership is both an art form and a science that you work on regularly. Leadership is not lording over people, manipulating people, or abusing them, it is taking those whom we serve forward. Leadership is also bringing out what you see in others, even when they don’t see it in themselves. Leadership is magical and mystical because it betters not only those who are led, but the one who leads. I think that an effective leader should always set out to make things better than they found them, and this includes creating more leaders in theprocess.” says the leader.

‘Faith has been my inspiration’ says Santarvis, one thing that has kept him going in good times and notso-good times. “My faith teaches me that my life is not my own, it is controlled by God who has already ordered my steps and destiny.” With the ultimate goal to leave an indelible imprint and lasting impact on all of those he served and engaged with.

Education has changed over the last two years and it showed us that it is one inevitable thing. Despite sitting a thousand miles away people were accustomed to learning and teaching virtually and so did Santarvis. And on contrary the situation allowed him to stand out during the period and add innovation and creativity to it.

With an undaunting mind like him, the speaker has touched the naked mind of thousands of students. He believes that it is the greatest virtue to run into former 

students, as you see the impact and imprint on their lives. It is a bonus when you see them with their children, and they tell their children, he was my teacher.

Today, he can look back on his arduous journey with pride. When he stepped towards his business journey, to impact thousands of lives through his wisdom. From global education strategies to working on the plan of action with the biggest entities.

As a message to the readers, he shares, “I remember and live the words of Robert Frost, ‘I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence, two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less travelled by and it has made all the difference for me.’ Take the road less travelled, it will make all the difference for you.”

It wouldn’t be wrong to address Santarvis as a visionary and trailblazer to be working tirelessly and impartially towards global impacts in the education space. Therein proving how exceptional he truly is!


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