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Dr. Shailesh Thaker

An enthralling goal-driven personality and a true gem to the society

Born in 1989, Surat, Gujarat, Dr. Shailesh Thaker started off his career through training and development and had certifications lined up in the coming 3 years. He was always supported by his friends and family members, especially his mother and wife who had encouraged and driven
him to achieve his dream of being a class one mentor. He explains it was full of challenges but upholding a never say die attitude helped him to keep moving on towards achieving his goals. A Ph.D in Cognitive Thinking, SP University had played a vital role in the fellowship. He talks about those times when the typewriter was still in use and the internet wasn’t around. He emphasized monetary factors played a little role compared to his actual goals.

Dr. Shailesh’s journey kicked off with a pinch of his hobby and he had by then travelled the majority of Gujarat and Saurashtra. He worked with the idea of making people’s lives and society better by helping and refining the people in need. He exclaims how 30 years earlier tougher times were faced by people and working day and night was a necessity for measurable success. He faced an absolutely challenging time of his life back then but was inspired to keep moving on whether he was in Jamnagar, Junagadh or Amreli etc. He found his appetite for business and life by making others delighted and content. Always questioning himself what different he could be doing than he already was doing, that could help and nurture others as well. How profitable the venture was didn’t doubt his intentions at all. He kept extracting the satisfaction and pleasure which fueled him evermore to carry on further. He shares how one should never feel hopeless, lost and tired. It was a major deviation from his regular course of action and he believes that not many get the chance in their life to turn their hobbies into a profession, thus feeling grateful for it.

The impact of COVID-19 was impactful throughout the globe and so as well for Dr. Thaker. When asked about the changes he reflects on how several needs from his end were cut down but the online and digital workplace helped him survive. It wasn’t a time of great growth for him but he somehow managed to keep the show going, whilst never complaining about it. 

People learn every day and sharing one’s strengths that helped them achieve and sharing weaknesses as well for others is something Dr. Shailesh always believes in. No matter the adversity, he continues to strive and move ahead because of his mental strength and thinking ability to achieve more. He shares with us that weak and feeble-mindedness leads to adverse endings so one must always focus on his strengths.

Dr. Shailesh Thaker shares his mantra for growth, development and success. A man who looks at life more than monetary needs and career success and achievements, Dr. Shailesh is insightful about how people should think about the bigger picture. He also believes that providing responsibility, setting roles and looking up to other role models makes people sharper and better in not only day to day operations but also sharpens their thinking ability. He has earned several accolades over the past years namely: “TOP 10 MENTORS OF THE WORLD-2022’, ‘Pride of India and Pride of Gujarat awards 2021’, ‘Global icon 2019 in LA’, ‘Global management thinker 2022 in Delhi’, ‘ Ranked 19 on TOP30 Management Gurus in 2015’. 

Honor as a platinum author and leadership authority in Toronto’, ‘Lifetime Achievement Award from Rotary Club of International’, ‘Award by Padma Gandhi Foundation to “recognize an individual in private or public life who has made a contribution toward the improvement of public personnel management.’

He is instilled with a feeling of being goal-driven and asks others around him to sustain the focus with which they lead their own lives. For him, the focus and targets must be backed by strength and courage while it also requires the support of near and dear ones. There could be changes to what and how we value certain things in life but one mustn’t let go of his final destination. For him. Life holds one true meaning of making other people and society a happier and more habitable place for all to live. It is people like him who are the need of the hour cause being goal-driven isn’t our sole motive as humans.

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