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H.E. Sir Dr Patrick Bijou

A Knight of Banking and Leading Light of Charitable Services

Versatility is an art on which experienced individuals have the upper hand. His Excellency Sir Patrick Bijou is Senior Banking Redemption Judge for the ICJ-ICC @sirpatrickbijou (International Court of Justice-International Criminal Court), UN Ambassador for World Peace, investment banker, fund manager, and celebrated author. Born in Georgetown, Guyana, South America, in 1958, he is a full-hearted philanthropist and the HRH Duke of Ndigbo Ghana. Sir Patrick has over three decade’s experiences in the financial domain and has worked with numerous prolific clients, including governments, banking institutions, and corporations.

With a primary education in London, Sir Patrick Bijou moved to the US to complete his Honors in Business Studies and Masters in Economics & International Banking from Camden College, USA. In his bid to continually equip himself with more knowledge and information in his chosen field, he since earned different degrees from Southampton University, England, and the University of Hertfordshire, England, where he obtained his PhD in Economics and International Banking. In 2012 he finally submitted his thesis titled, Impact of Quantitative Easing Measures on Interest Rates, Financial Markets, and Economic Activity: A Case Study of USA to the Department of Finance and Commercial Law at the Haworth College of Business. He is a trusted senior advisor for the INTERNATIONAL POSTDOCTORAL ASSOCIATION based in Hong Kong (www.IPostdocA.org).

From his humble beginnings with Wells Fargo Bank on wall street, he has served as a personal banker, fund manager, and a remarkable bond, futures and derivatives trader on the Deutsche trading floor. Sir Patrick was one of the architects on the MTN & Private Placement Desk and dealer function within Lloyds Bank PLC and was the first trader for Lloyd’s treasury, where he appreciably increased the portion of self-led deals from 4% to 32% in 2002.

Several corporate companies have profited from his expertise by fashioning new credit structures to cater to SMEs in the public sector, clients across various financial products, and senior advisers to government and prime ministers. One of his notable accomplishments includes implementing over $1.3 billion in funding for social housing in the Bahamas, having gathered a wide range of expertise in venture capital and asset management.

Adding to his list of creations is the economic phenomenon of Contract for Difference (CFD), a genuinely pioneering concept that today banks and trading institutions now adopt. CFD has changed how trading is implemented across capital markets by using clever leverage and notional funding ratios. Sir Patrick did not just create concepts but also authored books and journals about CFD, offering his valuable takeaways on becoming wealthy by executing his strategies in asset management and wealth creation. He was finally awarded the most prestigious awards from Valley of the Stars Award, Wells Fargo and Circle of Stars Award from Wells Fargo bank for his outstanding services to banking.

His Excellency is also a sought-after wealth manager owing to his Private Placement trading platform at his trade desks at Credit Suisse Bank Geneva and DBS Bank in Singapore. His Excellency is a Global Ambassador for the International Rights and Welfare Association (IRAWA), Ambassador of the Royal Diplomatic Club. The Academy of Universal Global Peace USA appointed Sir Patrick as an Ambassador
member of the governing board/trustees and awarded him The Human Excellency Award. Being the President of the International Banking Relations of Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club and on the board of trustees of many NGOs and IGO’s speak volumes about his prowess in banking and social benevolence,

A man of brilliance himself, Sir Patrick is on a quest to make excellence a part of the people he meets
as he believes that learning means growing. “Every day is an opportunity to make the world a better place,” he expresses. What people have when they begin something is just an idea and passion. But it is 

Sir Patrick who helps people take the next step. His teaching methodology of utilizing creative thinking and innovative strategies to become an expert in wealth creation and investment strategies has aided companies to master their businesses.

“No mountain is too high if you have the right tools.” While skills and strategies are essential, Sir Patrick also emphasizes how professional success depends on developing the right relationships. Thus, he has built professional relationships with many influential people based on transparency. An author of over twenty-one books, Sir Patrick has a keen sense of innovation and adaptability that helps him to stay on top of the recent trends all the time.

Not willing to be confined to a specific field/area in his life and career, Sir Patrick has also enhanced his business management skills, writing, ethics, corporate, and judicial governance.

In 2018, His Excellency, Sir Patrick Bijou, was knighted by the authority of the sovereign rulers of China and Hong Kong for his services to global banking and his charitable works and by the Knights Templer. He proceeded to accept an invitation by the United Nations to take up the role of Senior Redemption Judge of the ICJ-ICC offices for Global Redemption and Settlement. As of 2021, Sir Patrick holds the position of Senior Judge of the ICJ/ICC, where he oversees the redemption of Historical Assets, Funds, Bonds and Bank Securities in addition to his role as Ambassador Diplomat for the World Peace Tracts and his work as a Fund Manager for ProCapital.


During his leisure, he loves to volunteer and has willingly fundraised for different organizations. He is directly involved in raising funds for Cancer Support Community and Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital Charity. Above all, he runs the famous NGO World Peace Tracts in giving to deprived communities in the face of war.

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