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HRH Queen Ameenata Koita

A brand ambassador of spreading love and self-love

HRH Queen Ameenata Koita demolishes all myths about a queen’s title. A multi-faceted Pan African entrepreneur, she is a certified Human Rights Consultant, Certified Business Consultant, and Queen of Fulbe in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Her official title is The Sarauniya of Fulbe, and she works under the Leadership of His Royal Highness Sarki Fulani Koita. One of Queen Ameenata’s jobs is to oversee all economic development for the tribe in the Ashanti region, a task of profound responsibility and importance.

Originally, she started a business in the USA called Black Wall Street Arizona (BWSAZ) intending to teach the importance of group economics, wealth, and legacy building. After working on the local and national level, Queen Ameenata then expanded and started Black Wall Street Africa with some business partners in Ghana.

At the outset, she was trying to educate her people at the local level about ethnic centers of commerce. After working in the community for several years, Queen Ameenata realized that people not only lacked knowledge about money and the importance of spending it on their own people, but they also lacked knowledge about Human Rights and proper Business practices. This unsettling reality saddened the international leader, who then vowed to change things for the better. After procuring a global certificate, Queen Ameenata became an unstoppable woman on a mission. “I used BWSAZ as a training ground for business since it all ties into economics and money,” she adds.

For Queen Ameenata, leadership is a servant position, where one must model the way by walking alongside others and doing the work. Throwing more light on her leadership style, she says, “It is very friendly 

and laid back. I let people make their own decisions, lead by example, keep communication open and respect all opinions. I seek people who are dissimilar and I seek out diversity in all aspects so we have different perspectives.”

The ever-optimistic Queen Ameenata believes that her experimental learnings are not just lessons for her, but also her team, colleagues, clients, and friends. Even though scary, she finds the process of undergoing something, learning from it, and ultimately sharing the testimony with others quite incredible. “I try to take those experiences and learn from them because you never actually “flunk” out of life; you just get reenrolled until you learn the lesson.”

This zestful lady with a global presence attributes her success to a comprehensive list of things, including lessons from failures, perseverance, a never-quit attitude, effective networking, willingness to partner, taking a back seat to let others shine, and treating everyone right, even when they have wronged her.

In addition, for the Sarkin of Fulbe in Ashanti Ghana to recognize her and her business was a very special moment in Queen Ameenata’s life and set the stage for many big things to happen.

It all started with His Highness’ recognition of her as being part of the Koita Clan in a large tribe spanning many countries and His Highness’ name carries a lot of weight. To be welcomed into his family, given a traditional African name, and a time-honored role meant and still means the world to this influential woman who now enjoys Pan African respect.

It is strengths like resilience and versatility that Queen Ameenata believes shepherded her this far in life. “I am like an oak tree- strongly planted but can sway with the wind without breaking. In other words, when things happen that were not a part of the plan, I can easily accommodate; it never gets me off task.” She overcomes her weakness of trusting too much by associating with people who caution her. “That has saved me a lot of heartaches.”

Some of her awards and recognitions comprise Global Peace Ambassador (2021) Inspad GmbH, Enstooled Queen of Embo Kingdom (2021), iWoman Global Business Woman of the Year (2020), Businesswoman of the Year (2016) by All God’s Children’s Collectors Club, Women of Integrity Award (2016), and District Leader of the Year (2015) Black Wall Street USA, to name a few. In 2019, BWSAZ was honored as a Leading organization in Community Education (2019).

Because of her Global Pan African presence, she has also been asked to serve as the Royal Grand Patron of several organizations around the world. These organizations serve humanity in many different aspects including women empowerment, girl/child initiatives, education, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

It is only fair to designate Queen Ameenata as a brand ambassador of spreading love and self-love. She believes in working for humanity as much as she loves herself. 

Her passion is promoting sisterhood. “The world also puts the false standard of beauty on us, especially women of African descent. That is something else that drives me crazy. So, I stand with women all over the world in solidarity.”

Queen Ameenata’s message to the world is, “What the world calls a failure is, in reality, the road to success. Do not give up!” Remember we are the village and everyone has a role to play. Just walk in your purpose and great things will happen.

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