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John Sachtouras

Global Entrepreneur and Marketing Mentor

With a myriad of different experiences and exposure, dynamic entrepreneur and marketing mentor John Sachtouras was always destined to make it big on the global stage.

Born in Alexandra, Egypt he began his professional journey at his father’s tour and travel business where he was quick to learn every tool of the trade – from simple airport transfers and planning vacation packages to organising group tours and large conventions. Due to the nature of the job, he realised the importance of learning English and ended up learning four foreign languages within three years!

In 1978, he had his first flight experience to Paris, and “felt liberated to see the ground from up above in the sky. I discovered my passion for travelling and decided to travel as much as I could,” says John. Never one to give up on his dreams, John has travelled to more than 100 countries till date, some even multiple times.

In 1986, John left Greece and landed in the USA in search of his American dream. As he scouted around for business opportunities, he discovered Network Marketing in South California. The various concepts of this industry triggered his interest – self-development, leadership skills, the power of 

multiple income streams, helping other people succeed through teamwork, and the flexibility to conduct business across the globe from one’s home.

John ended up devoting more than three decades to this industry, helping people achieve their dreams, and accomplishing his own at the same time. A renowned Marketing Strategist today, he has conducted thousands of training presentations for millions of people around the world and lectured at several universities on various business topics with one main focus – to never ever give up on one’s dreams, no
matter what.

As a trainer and expert in global team building, John’s mission since many years has been to awaken the inner strengths of people and hold them accountable for their daily actions to help them produce required results to achieve their goals.

To realise this vision, John founded his dream company – ASCIRA, in Dubai on March 1, 2020. He brought together professional content providers, top authors, motivational speakers, and experts and leaders from all over the world, to empower people to attain their optimum potential and improve their quality of life, under one educational virtual platform.

ASCIRA is a subscription-based digital company, offering online access to products, mainly related to knowledge. Speaking about what makes ASCIRA stand out, John says, “As a company, we have opened up a new horizon of professional education and opportunities to diverse people around the world. We bring great social value to the communities as we offer the benefits of e-learning, impressive travel savings, and also important income streams for so many people, who have gone from earning a few hundred dollars to tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last few difficult months, all thanks to ASCIRA.”

John is passionate about developing a social lifestyle community where more than a billion people can be inspired to never give up and convert their dreams into reality. He calls it the ‘Beyond a Billion’ project.

In view of his prolific achievements, John has been recognised with various international honours through the years – He has received numerous awards as a Top Producer since 1994; was invited as an international advisor of the United States Foreign Trade Institute; was a columnist writer for a Latino magazine; received the highest academic award from a University in Ecuador, the Simon Bolivar Award; is one of the Executive Producers of the film ‘Beyond the Secret’, which received multiple film awards; and contributed in the development of 20 people from middle-class to millionaires. One of his biggest achievements was taking a single product called ‘Immobiliser’ (auto security device) and introducing it at 67 locations in 17 countries across Latin America within 5 years, and making the product a global brand.

A journey of achievement cannot be conquered without challenges. How did John face his? “Like the proverbial phoenix that rose from the ashes, I have bounced back three times. I face challenges with a positive outlook – asking constructive questions and seeking advice from experts. Once I accepted that failure is simply part of learning, it helped me overcome the fear of making mistakes in business and personal life,” he answers.

John’s greatest strength is his level of discipline and flexibility to quickly adapt to changes. He is success-oriented and self-motivated, with a high level of enthusiasm, dedication and determination to make things happen. The best part? He’s out to make the world a better place!

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