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Joyce Z. Wazirali

Global Specialist in Leadership Development and Cultural Change

Afascinating heritage that spans from India to the Amazon and then the Netherlands, explains why Joyce Z. Wazirali excels in the role of a Cultural Change and Leadership Specialist. And now, as the Founder-CEO of Unity Conscious Leadership®, she has established a Global paradigm for inter-dependent growth and transformation.

Recalling the day her destiny called, Joyce says, “One day, when I was exploring the enchanting orchard of my grandmother in Surinam, I became aware of the coherence of life; how all creatures are interdependently interconnected with each other. Since then, I can see the dynamics and patterns of interdependence in nature and between people. A lens that enables me to not only see the root cause and the required solutions to problems, but also the locked potential and opportunities for growth. Already at a young age I had vivid and predictive dreams and visions that actually manifested. The photo with the green celestial body is one of the mystical experiences. You can read the story in my book Unity Conscious Leadership™.

Joyce’s great-grandparents were born in Bihar, India. She was born (the seventh of nine children) and raised in the Amazon in Surinam, South America, a melting pot with a diversity of nature and cultures. She moved
to the Netherlands when she was 10 years old.

Joyce began her career as a Clinical Chemical Analyst in a hospital. At the age of 23, she became Director and one of two Co-founders of a successful company in business services which grew to 80 staff members in 13 years. In the succeeding six years, she was Chair of the audit committee on a supervisory board for 600 general practitioners.

However, she often found herself circling back to a dream in 2011: “I had a vivid dream where I met Shakyamuni Buddha in a forest. He invited me to look into the world through his inner-eye. I followed his instructions, and I saw Paradise. I felt absolute happiness and dynamic peace. I realized that we can make our Earth a peaceful Paradise. Since that day, my mission was born: To contribute to health, happiness and peace in the world,” she reveals.

Joyce aims to fulfill her dream through the lens of Unity Conscious Leadership®, a new paradigm of
leadership to transcend Duality or Polarization (the root-cause of crisis and conflicts) and grow to Unity (dynamic world peace). Individuals, business leaders, teachers, parents, caregivers, board members, celebrities, influential people, politicians, government employees and world leaders can all benefit from it.

In addition to being an Entrepreneur and Coach, Joyce is also a Speaker, Author and Trainer of international calibre. Speaking about the passion that drives her, Joyce says, “During 35 years of working, I discovered that health, happiness and peace are the deep-rooted human values people are longing for. Without these values, people are suffering in various ways. The current situation has been created for centuries by our ancestors and society. Looking at themselves and their world through the lens of Dualism. Communicating in a language of opposites such as: good and bad, black and white, war and peace. Relationships and situations are getting more toxic and people get trapped in patterns of constant conflict with each other. In reality we are living in Unity. Unity Conscious Leadership® is the key to sustainably break these patterns and transcend differences.”

A mother to a son and daughter, Joyce has a strategy in life and business. She’s a visionary, innovator and manifestor, and observes herself and her business by: 1. Looking into the world with the awareness that we all are interconnected, interdependent and influencing each other continuously. 2. Using her outer world as a mirror for her inner. 3. In order to change her environment, searching for answers and solutions in herself.

These are also her three key points to achieve growth, development and success, which have guided her well. For 35 years, she has successfully guided more than 1,000 individuals and CEOs to convert crisis and adversity into growth; Made her living environment (3,500 inhabitants) safe and peaceful so that vandalism and burglaries are reduced to zero; At her children’s primary school, she converted the unsafe situation of decades into a safe one. She also amalgamated all her expertise in a wonderful book – ‘Unity Conscious Leadership™’.

After all, “From experience, I have discovered that the key to building a strong economy revolves around healthy and harmonious relationships,” sums up Joyce.

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