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Lotta Spjut

Global ‘Guru’ of Digital Entrepreneurship

Smart, Sharp, and Skilled – Lotta Spjut stumbled upon her ‘calling’ quite by accident. One day in a mall, a woman stopped her and complimented her on her dress. She gave Lotta some samples and told her she’d do really well in the home business segment. Lotta laughed it off as an option for bored housewives or people without education. However, in the next five months, after research, learning, and lots of bravado, Lotta resigned from her other professions, and “it became one of the best decisions of my life; one that gave me freedom,” she says. That was the year 2007, and in the next 15 years, Lotta completely dedicated herself to her work to emerge as a Global Business Coach. The last decade in the Digital Entrepreneur and Online Marketing space. Today, she is well regarded as a Global Entrepreneur as well as the Founder of ‘LS Mind Your Buziness’.

“People thought I’m crazy for making the choices I did, leaving a secure job for starting my own business. I know these comments stemmed from fear of doing something new and out of one’s comfort zone though I promised myself that fear will never stop me from developing myself,” says Lotta.

Born in Seoul, South Korea, adopted and brought up in Sweden, Lotta was always eager to explore new opportunities. Armed with a Master’s degree in Didactic and a Bachelor of Education, she bagged her first job in the profession of teaching. For many years thereon, she was a board-member and chairman for one of the Swedish Teacher organization. In time, she obtained a degree in personal training and nutrition and started working as a health and nutrition developer for individuals as well 

as companies. Blessed with a brilliant business development sense, Lotta also certified as ICC Pro Executive Coach and has coached CEOs and other head honchos in different businesses. Today, she is an experienced CEO with a demonstrated history of working with leadership.

As is often the case, her journey was sprinkled with new challenges with every new venture. Speaking about how she coped, Lotta says, “My parents might not always understand my decisions in life, though they have always been supportive and encouraged me to follow what I believe in. For many years, I was chasing the life balance that many people speak about. 30 years ago, I met my husband, and we have two daughters aged 24 and 10. With great teamwork, a very supportive and understanding family, and time management at my end, it has been possible to find ways to manage. And I have accepted that balance is not about perfection or comparing, it is about what works best for me and my family.”

Working from home especially has many privileges as also challenges. Lotta has been strong and disciplined enough to excel as a leading entrepreneur, global speaker, professional networker and businesscoach. Telling us how she loves entrepreneurship and the possibilities it can provide, Lotta says, “My passion is to inspire and empower people, to take an opportunity and help them do the best they can with it. I have made thousands of lectures, private and public trainings, always built on empiric knowledge. Many people contact me to say thank you for changing my life, but it is not me that change their lives, it is they themselves.”

Online business has been Lotta’s forte for the last 7 years. So much so that the pandemic saw her business explodes. “More people had the time and need to open their minds to new opportunities. The companies she worked with grew from 1.5 million people connected to 40 million in 18 months. I am grateful and proud to work in an industry that is allowing millions of people to become entrepreneurs, no matter their financial situation or background.

With an online business, many have managed to change their family’s life, help their communities, and create sustainable work within their own business,” reveals Lotta.

Lotta sees a new generation of entrepreneurs that have grown up with the internet and technology. Web3 includes blockchain technology and NFTs. This is the industry she is very enthusiastic about, and she wants to inspire and educate more people to imbibe these opportunities. In the ever-growing space of the internet, online marketing, and the digital era, Lotta stands above the rest due to the respect and good reputation she has garnered globally.

She is a most sought-after TEDx speaker and international trainer whose business has taken her all over the globe, giving her the opportunity to share her knowledge and passion for personal growth, entrepreneurship, and now also Web3.

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