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Timi Gleason

Strategic thinking meets creativity

Timi Gleason, a Top Leadership Coach in California, is one-of-a-kind. She has worked in Human Resources large corporations, is a Strategic Planner, an Organizational Development professional, and has several published books on Amazon. Her most recent book is Becoming Strategic: Leading with Focus and Inspiration. And Timi is currently co-authoring a book on Conversational Intelligence and has plans in 2023 to write a book called The Art of Business Collaboration.

Timi was born and raised in San Francisco, California. Being the oldest of four children and self-sufficient from the age of 17, Timi has always been a free thinker. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, Sociology, and Consumer Sciences. Rather than go to graduate school, she has many valuable certifications in coaching, strategy, systems thinking, and creative problem solving.

This optimistic lady created her first professional job while finishing her classes at university. The job market was very tough at the time. She saw an opportunity that she suggested to the State of California. They agreed, and hired her and ten years later, she switched again, and became one of the first females to be hired into management in the male-dominated daily newspaper business. This job turned out to provide a huge turning point in her career as a Director of Human Resources during the many regulatory and legal changes regarding sexual harassment, drug testing, and equal opportunity employment from 1986-1991. During this time, she was also a wife and mother. She had a huge job and a family. As her career evolved, Timi moved from Human Resources to Organizational Development and then, to Leadership Coaching. Since 2011, she has been a Marshall Goldsmith certified Stakeholder Centered Coach and global team member.

Timi grew in influence and reputation as her clients brought her more and more complex business problems and her opportunities to help her clients increased. Her business acumen and change management abilities developed with experience, which added to her marketability. She would stay about seven years at a company and then be recruited out to another career experience. It was easy for her to change industries. She knew her transferable skills and each new industry welcomed her eclectic background. Sometimes, her career was a bit of a roller coaster of changes, but it was always her choice. In Timi’s latest entrepreneurial venture: Soulwork Maps, you can see how her early experiences influenced her ideas today. (see Timi’s map photo)

Today, “Coach Timi” (as her clients call her) helps high potential leaders who work in global corporations get ready to be promoted. They are senior executives in Legal, Information Technology, Marketing and Sales, Business Unit Management, and Engineering jobs who generally need to strengthen their business acumen, to broaden their scope of influence, and to work on their visibility and communication styles.

Timi also just recently finished a five-year coaching contract, during which she worked with civilian and military leaders throughout the world (South Korea, Japan, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States) to explore their leadership abilities and hone their leadership styles. During the five years, some of these people were promoted and came through the program twice. They might get Timi again. Her clients really liked the topics she was discussing with them, and the two assessments she was offering. They pushed her to do MORE! This challenge had the effect of pushing Timi’s resourcefulness and creating some unplanned decisions during the pandemic. With the help of the global pandemic, Timi’s legacy work became clear in a time of crisis.

As a hobby, Timi had been studying Western Numerology since 1985. Largely, she was only creating charts for family and friends. But during the Pandemic, she saw a remarkable synergy between the popular Gallup’s Clifton Strengthsfinder assessment and another popular assessment called the How to Fascinate test. The clients LOVED these two assessments. Then by popular demand, she added Strategic Numerology. Over and over, these three assessments were changing lives and offering hope during the Pandemic. Timi is also a regular contributor of answers on Quora.com, a global question and answer forum. During the first six months of the Pandemic in 2020, the sorrow and bewilderment on Quora was loud and clear. Timi felt terrible. Young people were unsure why they were alive? Middle aged people were wondering how they would survive or provide for their families? Some people were sick and stuck in bed, not dying but not working. 

Many people wondered if it was over for them. Her clients were asking for more, the Quora seekers were desperate, and generally the uncertainty of the future triggered Timi’s compassion and creativity to create another job for herself.

Timi saw what was missing and she knew what she could do. She told us, “Even if you couldn’t work or didn’t enjoy your job during the pandemic, you could still work your plan if you knew your purpose in life, your life path, and more about your legacy. You could be ‘on your path’ from bed if you had to be.”

Timi knew how to add focus, action steps and purpose to peoples’ lives. She created a one-page road map and corresponding legend that plots out the direction of your life. She named it a Soulwork Map. Timi believes that all the work you do has a spiritual purpose, so she lays out your individualized legacy and lessons for you. A Soulwork Map takes the emphasis off your job title and puts it on your transferable skills and experiences. Then the two Strengths and Fascination assessments tell you which skills are your most masterful and how to become ready to do
your legacy work in the future. Your name is your Legacy; your Life Path action steps are defined by your birthdate. A Soulwork Map is about you. Timi then figured out how to look at your life from your first day you are born to your 99th year. She has taken three third-dimensional assessments and turned them into an unusual fourth-dimensional solution that clients recognize immediately.

Timi’s goal over the next few years is to collaborate with other languages and alphabets so that her Soulwork Map technique can be adopted globally in any language. Right now, the English alphabet is being used, but she feels that other alphabets could be combined with the two assessments to create road maps for anyone who wants one. She believes that her efforts will help everyone rediscover hope and stability in the future. Timi is a shining example of how success comes to those who are willing to create it.

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