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Vineet Davis

Visionary EPC Business Leader with a focus on Green Energy

Avisionary leader and pioneer, the dynamic Vineet Davis boasts three decades of unparalleled experience across Renewables, Infrastructure, Thermal, Petroleum, Fertiliser and Chemical Industry. He’s on the Boards of various Inox Group companies as well as the Head of Operations at Inox Wind, delivering large scale projects – C2C with P&L responsibility, leading procurement of resources including equipment and supplies, monitoring projects by adhering to production schedule and budget, and managing multi-unit production teams.

His expertise in project management and financial management is second to none. Giving due credit to his family for instilling in him the drive to succeed, he shares, “My Career was framed by my mother (teacher) and grandmother (Princpal), who nurtured me from my early childhood and developed interest in studies and competitive sports during my school time. Right since class nine, my goal was to compete in the engineering entrance test, and by the grace of God, I succeeded and did my B.Tech in Electrical from the National Institute of Engineering in First Class with Distinction.”

After working with the likes of Essar, Jindal and Reliance Industries, Vineet joined Inox Wind Ltd. in 2012 and is spearheading the Company’s operations team as Director and Head Operations today. He is solely responsible for the end-to-end delivery of projects to customers by overseeing project management, supply chain management and manufacturing of wind turbines.

At work, Vineet swears by his four mantras – Leading with Vision, Leading with Drive, Leading to Deliver, and Leading through People. His innovative thinking has seen him build Inox Renewable Infrastructure from scratch to 3000MW. While his other notable achievements include:

• Commissioned 1×1350 MPD of Ammonia and 2×1125 MPD of Urea Fertilizer plant in 26 months on time and cost.
• Commissioned first aviation fueling station for RIL.
• Commissioned a Petroleum Retail outlet of RIL in 72 hrs, a world record.
• Project Development Fertilizer Projects – 2200MPD Ammonia and 3850MPD Urea.
• Established India’s first Waste-to-Energy project – 16MW in Okhla.
• Developed over 5000MW and commissioned around 3000MW of renewable energy projects Pan India.

Vineet’s focussed business strategy makes him stand out in his field. Right optimised cost and quality product to customers to give higher returns on investment, concentration on bottomline instead of big numbers, and building a competent, performance and target

oriented team, are just some of the methods Vineet adopts for smooth functioning.

Speaking about the role of a company in the growth of the organisation and its employees, he opines, “Having been in EPC business for nearly two decades, I feel business should be driven by the culture of the organisation, which in our case is solution oriented, stamping the branding through continuous improvement, with process excellence, allowing us to step into their next stage of growth and better reflect their vision for tomorrow.”

Vineet is well regarded for his passion about green energy and the way it will benefit the environment and society – the paradigm shift from fossil to green energy, and the tremendous growth and business opportunity the sector entails. “This is the most budding sector globally where huge investments will see the growth of the Indian and global economy,” he adds.

An expert advocate of the cause, Vineet feels that by building renewable energy projects, we can bring environmental, social and economic benefits such as:

• Job creation
• Land owners income-upliftment of locals, their standard of living, their health and financial stability, with recurring income
• Reduced energy cost
• Increased property value
• Energy independence-reduced dependency on fossil fuel and oil
• Avoidance of climate impact – CO2 reduction, greener and cleaner climate.

Vineet’s great sense of purpose and mission combined with a sense of passion and urgency to deliver for the organization makes him tremendously result oriented, problem solving, and willing to go to the core of the issue. However, no success comes without its share of challenges. Speaking about his, Vineet tells us, “The biggest challenge in professional life is to keep myself motivated and focused to do the same job day in and day out without adding skills. The biggest challenge in personal life is to give parental coaching to the kids as the new generation have their own thoughts and perceptions about life. Another big challenge in life is anxiety and I practice thinking: ‘If you are living in the past, you feel depressed; if you are anxious, you are living in the future; so let’s live in the present and be peaceful’.”

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