Vineet Davis

Vineet Davis Visionary EPC Business Leader with a focus on Green Energy Facebook-f Linkedin-in Avisionary leader and pioneer, the dynamic Vineet Davis boasts three decades of unparalleled experience across Renewables, Infrastructure, Thermal, Petroleum, Fertiliser and Chemical Industry. He’s on the Boards of various Inox Group companies as well as the Head of Operations at Inox […]

Tricia-Kay Williams

Tricia-Kay Williams Life Transformation Magician Globe Instagram You may not believe in fairy tales, but ask anybody who has been touched by the magic of Tricia-Kay Williams, and they will convince you that she is the Fairy Godmother reincarnate. As an experienced certified Counsellor, Tricia has touched the lives of thousands by helping them overcome trauma, […]

Timi Gleason

Timi Gleason Strategic thinking meets creativity Instagram Facebook-square Timi Gleason, a Top Leadership Coach in California, is one-of-a-kind. She has worked in Human Resources large corporations, is a Strategic Planner, an Organizational Development professional, and has several published books on Amazon. Her most recent book is Becoming Strategic: Leading with Focus and Inspiration. And Timi […]

Steven Nathenson

Steven Nathenson FBI Special Agent turned Leadership Coach Globe Linkedin-in For someone who ‘did not know what to do for a living’, the enigmatic Steven Nathenson has certainly come a long way. As an Award- winning FBI Special Agent turned Top Leadership and Executive Coach, his impact across the globe is hard to miss. Born […]

Stefano De Togni

Stefano De Togni Architect of a better world Facebook-f Linkedin-in With a number of Patents and Start-ups to his credit, Stefano De Togni is a leading entrepreneur from Verona, Italy. Yet among the first things he tells you is, “I have no appetite for business if the business is oriented to wealth. I’m happy only […]

Ssarita Siingh

Ssarita Siingh Transforming education for a better India Linkedin-in Multi-talented Ssarita Siingh could have easily excelled in a bevy of professions. However, after dabbling in a few successful jobs, she found her calling in grassroot education. Managing Trustee of Priyadarshini School, Pune, Ssarita is an entrepreneur, teacher, and mother. Yet her biggest passion today is […]

Sridhar Pinnapureddy

Sridhar Pinnapureddy Dashing and Daring Data Expert Linkedin-in With more than 200 innovations to his name, Sridhar Pinnapureddy is a veritable pioneer in the information and communications industry. He is the Founder and CEO of Cloud4C, the world’s leading Cloud Managed Services Provider serving Fortune 500 clients, and CtrlS, the World’s largest Rated 4 Data […]

Sonica Aron

Sonica Aron A Visionary Leader and An Enthusiast Globe Linkedin-in Sonica Aron is a qualified coach and an experienced HR professional who is enthusiastic and passionate about diversity and inclusion. Sonica held corporate and operational leadership positions prior to launching her HR consultancy Marching Sheep. Sonica, an XLRI Jamshedpur alumna, was named one of the […]

Prateek Chaudhry

Prateek Chaudhry Globally renowned Designer/Founder of The First Ferry Globe Linkedin-in It would have taken many by surprise had Prateek Chaudhry not turned out to display a creative flair. The Globally renowned Interior Designer today was born into an artistic, free-thinking family. His grandfather published a popular Marathi newspaper and regularly hosted thinkers, poets, artists, […]

Paul Roux

Paul Roux Financially empowering people in recovery Globe Instagram There are Financial Coaches… And then there is Paul Roux. The fact that Paul has chosen to help people in ‘Recovery’ in lieu of a more lucrative option, has seen him emerge as a sought-after Global Pioneer in the field. “My decade plus experience of being […]