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Who’s who of the world 2022

Carlos Santos

Carlos Santos Conquering Global Finance with ‘Ethos’ Globe Linkedin When the world was struggling to deal with the pandemic, Carlos Santos’ team at Ethos Asset Management was burning the midnight oil. They created a totally new and innovative way to secure their assets and to rebalance their portfolio that is 100 % scalable to any […]

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Brenda Dempsey

Brenda Dempsey ‘Booking’ others for success Globe Linkedin We don’t know if Brenda Dempsey realises it, but as the high-powered Founder of Book Brilliance Publishing, her life story is one sure to turn a best-seller. Born in a tenement in the shipping town of Clydebank, Scotland, Brenda was born to lead. Having raised money for

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Anthony Moore

Anthony Moore Living, eating and breathing business Globe Linkedin Born in Brighton, England, in 1945 at the end of World War 11 and schooled at Redifford Preparatory School (same as Sir Elton John), Anthony Moore is a respected player in the @anthony-moore-30613926 strategic and financial advisory in the investment world. A passionate fisherman and sportsman,

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Anita Erskine

Anita Erskine Africa’s Most Influential Media Personality Linkedin Instagram A total Boss Lady, the charismatic Anita Erskine finds herself in ‘Africa’s Most Influential’ list every single year!  100 Women CEOs in Africa 2022; 100 Most Outstanding Female Change Makers in Africa 2022; 100 Most Influential People in Ghana 2021; Trent University Alumni of The Year

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Amir Tabch

Amir Tabch Master of Discipline and Execution Globe Linkedin Amir Tabch has been fascinated by financial markets and wealth management since his first job in the industry as an intern. Two decades later, Amir is a prominent executive with extensive experience in global capital markets and on corporate boards. Amir has applied what he has

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Amanda Willett

Amanda Willett Helping Communities Heal & Reach Resilience Facebook Instagram They say nothing teaches like experience does. If that is the case, there is no one better than Amanda Willett to transform the lives of trauma survivors. A Global Powerhouse, Amanda is the Founder of ‘Rituals for Recovery’, a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is strengthening

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Alicia Carroll

Alicia Carroll The reigning Award-Winning Medalist, Large and Small Business Liaison of the Tech World – a WOSB history of excellent past performance in aerospace  Linkedin Globe  An energetic woman of the tech world, Alicia Carroll is the executive leader of Tech Innovation Global (TIG) Incorporated, a comprehensive solution for services and business needs. Tech

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Alejandro Jorge Tornato

Alejandro Jorge Tornato Forward-Looking And Action Driven Human Linkedin Instagram Alejandro, an Independent Certified Maxwell Leadership Coach, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital city. A trained speaker, coach, and instructor who assists both men and women business professionals to elevate their impact, influence, and income, and become the very best versions of themselves in

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Adelina Stefan

Adelina Stefan Cultivating Inner Talent to Empower and Beyond Facebook Linkedin Adelina Stefan is whom one could truly call a ‘global citizen’. Born in Romania, in a town close to the Carpathian mountains, she spent most of her life in different countries including Greece and Switzerland, both of which are very close to her heart.

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