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Who’s who of the world 2022

Dr. Milan Krajnc

Dr. Milan Krajnc A perspicacious man Globe Linkedin-in Struggles lead one in two directions- total failure or full-blown success. Dr. Milan Krajnc is from the latter category of people. A troubled childhood disrupted by alcohol and violence could break one’s spirit to fight for a normal life, leave alone a successful one. But Dr. Milan fought back by escaping into sports and writing. Writing songs & short stories and coached track and field of 200m and 400m kept burning the passion of becoming a winner in life. The five times national champion is now a successful psychotherapist, a reality therapist from the Institute of Dr. William Glasser, and a Transactional analyst from the Institute of transactional analysis.  Dr. Milan also holds a Doctorate in Management from the European Center for Peace and Development University for Peace established by the United Nations and is an Honorary Doctor of Arts. He is also an Associate Professor for Public management, European Center for Peace and Development University for Peace established by the United Nations, and a Professor at the Open World Program at Al-Khalifa Business School. Even as a physics student in the Faculty of Education, he very quickly started teaching elementary and secondary physics, realizing that he was not going to teach that way all his life. So, he quit public service and initiated his business, optimizing work in various companies and helping to develop the information system. The comprehension that clear thinking and good communication benefit every organization, he studied psychotherapy. Thinking broadly, owing to his interest in the field of astronomy and the tendency of not letting the lines of worry ruin things are Dr. Milan’s stand-out qualities. That doesn’t shadow the astounding reality that he is the writer of over four hundred books, a hobby that helps him purify his soul and balance life. Of course, playing sports regularly also helps him stay on top of his game. During the recent pandemic, there was an increased demand for Dr. Milan’s services and books. Many people began looking for new forms of organization, ways of living, and meaning in life. When he sensed it himself, he started spreading his content all over the media, fetching him clients from around the world. Dr. Milan is the kind of person who follows what he feels without overthinking his decisions. “I help people free themselves from the past they are trapped in and bring their potential to life. So, they can say they are finally alive. Or else, I am a time seller. I help people live every moment for themselves,” he explains in this regard. He feels an incredible power within when he sees a problem arise because he enjoys and finds peace in providing solutions to people. By developing as a scientist in the science of Dynamilogy, combining nature, economics, and psychology, Dr. Milan has found a splendid tool for managing companies and countries, which he calls the Dynamic Leadership Model. The nomination for the Nobel Prize in Economics 2021 says a lot about how important this methodology and his input is to the development of the new economy. Perseverance, confidence, socializing skills, and self-belief are Dr. Milan’s pride. Although, his vindictiveness and habit of never forgetting things are some of his weaknesses. “This costs me a lot of energy, but I never intentionally take revenge because it was always the case that this person once needed my help! And first rule: I never talk about my private life!” A winner of several awards and recognitions, Dr. Milan thinks his most notable achievement today is being healthy, happy, and balanced. Nonetheless, the Nobel Prize of Economic Sciences 2021 and Gusi Peace Prize nominations are his recent accomplishments. He is also the Knight of Malta l Federation of Autonomous Priories bestowed with military title Captain and the Vessel Captain of the North Atlantic Admirality of Sahara Naval Forces, 2020. Additionally, he is a Member of the International Police Association, Hungary, Informative Protective Association, Serbia, and a Member of The Board of Advisors, World Leaders for Mental Health. Dr Milan, altogether has also written 400 books till date. “How ready are you to hear the truth about yourself? Because afterward, there is no going back! Be like nature—everything is perfect as long as it lives,” the perspicacious man says, to motivate the readers. An inspiration, by all means, Dr. Milan Krajnc has created, lost, and then gained a lot, only to become a global name!

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Dr. Ignace Niyigaba

Dr. Ignace Niyigaba A Powerhouse of Guts and Glory Dr. Ignace Niyigaba can be perfectly summed up in one word – ‘Revolutionary’. A young and dynamic powerhouse with interests in mining, education, agriculture among others, he has emerged as a leading figure in his home country of Rwanda. With an annual business turnover of 30 million USD, Ignace features prominently in Rwanda’s wealthiest mineral dealers list. However his story began in a small neighborhood in Musambira sector of Kamonyi District in South Province of Rwanda, the land known to be one of ‘a thousand hills’. Ignace grew up as a third child out of seven kids in the family of Rutwaza Paulin and Yamuragiye Gaudence. A guiding light for young entrepreneurs today, Ignace began his career as a teenager by selling mineral ore products after completing his high school level six in Rwanda. In time, he became a strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) from Atlantic International University (Honolulu, HAWAII – USA) focused in Business and Economics/International Business. He also obtained several trainings in mining and metals, inside Rwanda and outside in different countries. Through this, he developed a passionate interest in the mineralogy of the East African region and Rwanda in particular. Thus the Azteca University (Universidad Azteca) – North America – Mexico, bestowed him with an Honorary Doctorate Degree. Today Ignace is not only a gifted engineer and business administrator, but also an international expert with a demonstrated history of working in the mining, metals, oil and petroleum industries. A proven ‘financial portfolio source and curator’, Ignace has the ability to take unhealthy portfolios and transform them into healthy and thriving ones. He is also effective at persuading and influencing high-ranking individuals as his opinions are highly valued; people trust and respect his judgments. One of Ignace’s biggest achievements came in 2013 when he established ‘Gisande Trading Ltd’ for mining and trading of minerals as owner-cum-CEO. In a short span, Gisande registered remarkable recognition for its quality products and services across the globe. The company processes and adds value up to quality ratings of 25-30% of coltan, 65-70% of cassiterite-tin and 50-70% of wolfram. With this, Gisande Trading is able to face the global markets and win big market shares in countries like China, Kazakhstan, Italy, Japan, Thailand and so on. Ignace’s large business empire also constitutes subsidiary mining companies in different parts of Rwanda that contribute to the constant supply of mineral ores for his main processing plant. His mineral operations and investments incorporate 5 mining sites/companies including Callianne Mines Ltd in the Western Province, Nyamasheke district;  KOKAMK Mines in Karongi district, Western Province; Birashoboka Mining Ltd in Gatsibo district of the Eastern Province; PROMICO LTD in Rutsiro district of the Western Province; and MIGETRACO Ltd in Bugesera district of the Eastern Province. Ignace’s runaway success stands testimony to his knowledge and skill in research, business planning and management. His current research focuses on developing tools used to optimize underground mine production schedules. In addition, he is fluent in English, French and Kinyarwanda languages. His communication and networking abilities go a long way in developing relationships with large corporate companies and agencies. A true visionary, Ignace has interests in farming and agriculture, a procurement company in Mauritius, and an European office in Bulgaria. Yet one of his proudest establishments is in the field of education – He is the Founder and CEO of the International Technical School of Kigali – I.T.S Kigali, which provides technical training in Hotel Management, Tourism, Computer Science and Technology. Still in his 30s, it comes as no surprise that Ignace is a huge role model for the youth. What is the secret of his success, we ask him. “I don’t let fear win. I love my business and am committed to it. Thus whatever the challenge, I’m never beaten,” answers Ignace. With ample gusto and flair, Ignace is sought after for his social skills too. Always popular, he feels lucky to have met the beautiful Akingeneye Dally in 2001 while still in high school. Following a few happy years of courtship after school, they tied the knot and welcomed their first born soon thereafter. Today the couple is proud of their stable marriage and a family of 2 boys and 2 girls. “Keeping a family together is like building a puzzle. It may be hard to gather all the pieces, but once gathered, they fit together seamlessly,” sums up Ignace. We are humbled to have Mr Ignace Niyigaba, a Leader in not just Rwanda but the International Mining Industry, in our special collector’s edition – Coffee Table Book 2021

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Dr. Durga Prakash Devarakonda

Dr. Durga Prakash Devarakonda Indian born Global Pioneer of Digital Platforms Linkedin Dr. Durga Prakash Devarakonda is a classic Indian success story – Born in rural Andhra Pradesh, he went on to create a record as the youngest Indian to complete all Microsoft @prakashdurgad certifications at the age of 21, even receiving an award of appreciation from Bill Gates himself. In the next 25 years, he pioneered Digital Solutions in Senior Leadership Roles across various Global Conglomerates, and today, he’s paying it all back by sharing his insights with the society at large. “I have a passion for People and Technology, and a burning desire to promote Indian Talent on Global grounds,” he reveals. Dr. Devarakonda’s story (or DP as he’s fondly known as) began in South India. He lost his father when he was just one year old. His mother, who had studied till 5th grade, became a pensioner. With limited scope, he studied in local medium and government schools with guidance from his three elder brothers. Academically brilliant, he managed to complete his Electrical Engineering and later went to Udupi for a Master’s degree in Information Technology. At the young age of 21, when digital technology in India was still in a nascent stage, DP had completed every possible computer exam and certification. He soon got a call from Europe to be part of JD Edwards ERP Development and worked with the world’s largest Re-Insurance form MunichRE, developing endto-end software for their Reinsurance business. His name became synonymous in the Global Reinsurance Industry as he built some of the most complex algorithms to predict the risk to underwrite any possible risk, irrespective of insurance that the MNCs were offering. His passion for Mathematics and Critical Thinking was recognised by top European authorities. He spent the next 25 years in Senior Leadership Roles with Global MNCs such as CapGemini, Oracle, Accenture, Tech Mahindra, and Temenos. DP gained Global acclaim when he built platforms that solved the toughest problems of the world and provided comfort to both businesses and individuals. His expertise to build Software Platforms in a wide range of Consumer, Retail, Banking and Healthcare segments made him unique. And his ability to understand the core business and solve difficult problems became his defining characteristics. Today, he is a Member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and Staff Vice President Technology, at Legato Health Inc (Anthem’s India based Global Capability Centre). He is leading the Artificial Intelligence and Innovative Digital Platforms for the fortune 23 US Healthcare firm. “There is ample room for Digital and AI Platforms in Global Healthcare. This opportunity is a multi-trillion opportunity,” he tells us. As a veritable Thought Leader and Speaker, what drives DP to constant innovation? “Solving bigger problems that impact billions of lives and working with ordinary people who can deliver extraordinary results. My passion is to drive value from India and solve world problems with Indian Intellectual Talent,” he states. Having played such a leading role in expanding technology across the country and globe, DP has been honoured at the biggest international podiums: Asia’s Most Influential Business Leader 2022 by Asia One Magazine; Forbes India’s Tycoons of Tomorrow 2022; Global Achievers Forum Award 2021; GCC Visionary Award 2021; and Mahatma Gandhi International Leadership Award from the UK Parliament in 2018. Clearly, he is a towering personality among the 5 million IT Professionals we have in India. On being coaxed, he shares his contribution to the industry: “In the last 25 years, I have directly created more than 20,000 highly paid Software Engineering jobs in India, and guided thousands of people towards a better career. I also worked with many schools, colleges and universities to help them navigate this complex world with the right curriculum  and global exposure. For instance, I was the key person for designing some high-end leadership and business analytics courses for a leading Global Indian business school. I have also guided several top notch Business and Engineering schools in India and abroad,” he says. A high-powered yet simple leader, we ask DP to leave us with a message for our readers, and he gladly obliged: “Our potential is what we think we can not achieve. Fortune always favors a prepared mind. As long as you have the patience to keep trying, your victory is guaranteed. Trust yourself, find a good mentor, and be your best version every day. After all, outcome and accomplishments are a function of focus, time investment, consistency and patience.”

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Dr. Ann Moir Bussy

Dr. Ann Moir Bussy A Treasure Trove of Unparalleled Wisdom Globe Facebook-f Dr. Ann Moir Bussy is redefining what it means to follow one’s heart at any age and stage in life. She is a counsellor, teacher, guide, and life coach and her wisdom is making a tremendous difference in people’s lives. Her distinct ability to listen and reach out to people has made her a resounding success. She highlights “So start your own conversation with life, live with compassionate self-acceptance. And let that love flow into your life and your work.” Born in Bournemouth in England, having her father become a prisoner of war of the Japanese in Changi was a setback for her family. She met him when she was almost four years old and soon after her family emigrated to Australia where they moved initially to the NSW area. She got her training as a teacher and missionary and taught in many locations in Australia including the isolated Indigenous schools in the Northern Territory for 20 years. She left that work and soon commenced on a brand new chapter of life in her second innings. She retrained as a Counsellor and Life Coach and obtained a Master of Counselling in 1994. She gives credit to Jungian psychology and spirituality as her pathway to learning and growing. She took a leap of faith and without any prior knowledge about business or marketing she set up her own counselling practice. Dr. Ann began working in Universities, teaching and coordinating programs in Counselling and Psychology. Meanwhile, she completed her own PhD in counselling by researching Chinese philosophy and how it enabled Chinese students of counselling to use it in their work, which empowered her to broaden the circumference of her understanding of human nature and different cultures. Basking on the recognition for her work, she taught in Hongkong for 5 years and after returning to Australia she taught for another 5 years in a University in Queensland before retiring at 75 years of age. Dr. Ann explains “I wanted to work with women, in particular, to embrace their transition through menopause into the afternoon of life and gain renewed clarity, trust in their own wisdom and intuition and give birth to the creativity within them. Setting this up as Business has been a very steep learning curve but I now have a Podcast series Alchemy in the Mid-Life Kitchen and Online programs.” She gives an insight into her business strategy and feels that building relationships and connections with others has been her foremost priority. Supporting and being empathetic to those working in the same field has enabled her to form long-lasting connections and friendships. Imparting feminine wisdom and a strong will to aid women to discover their strength and leadership that had been previously curtailed, has been one of her desires. Though there have been various challenges in her life, she focuses on being grateful every day and practices Qi Qong and meditation with her husband. This practice is about being aware of the universal energy flowing within and around by connecting with that universal life force. She appreciates that exercising and a positive mindset is a holy grail that empowers her to seek out ways to serve others. She illustrates her appetite for business and says “To make a difference in people’s lives by supporting them on their journey of transformation. Enable them to reclaim their lives, heal past traumas and become the author of their own life and recognise how they can and are making a difference to all those around them.” Dr. Ann discusses that the COVID 19 pandemic affected her business in numerous ways as face to face clients could not come due to the lockdown and zoom calls were a hassle for some as they were uncomfortable with technology. Others even lost their job and could not afford the sessions but she still continued to guide and support them. She sees the pandemic as a transition where it shed light on the need for revelation and a renewed chance to become a bridge between the past and the future. Taking from 80 years of experience, she has had many detours and wrong turns, though her continued zeal for life itself makes it culminate into forming a deep spirituality of the heart. She strives to share and help as many people as she can who have trauma and pain inflicted on them and make a difference through her programs, coaching, counselling and writing, bringing light and love to them.

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Dr. (h.c.) Mamta Binani

Dr. (h.c.) Mamta Binani Guiding Light of Indian Corporate Law Instagram Linkedin With the rare distinction of being the 1st Insolvency Professional in India with two decades of experience as a Company Secretary, Dr. (h.c.) Mamta Binani is the country’s leading Advocate-Consultant on restructuring, corporate and legal matters. Based in Kolkata, Mamta has been a super achiever all her life. In 1996, she was the All-India Topper in the Intermediate exam of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India among women and ranked 14th overall. And in 1997, she received the highest marks across India in the Company Law Paper of the Final exam of ICSI. Mamta spent the next 21 years as a Company Secretary and Senior Partner at Mamta Binani & Associates, having her offices in Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai and Guwahati. The leading firm provides integrated Corporate, Secretarial and Legal Services, offering a one-stop solution for all Corporate Compliances and Legal Requirements in India and abroad. Fierce and multi-faceted, Mamta was acknowledged across the country when she was selected as the National President of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India in 2016, becoming only the second woman to hold the post in the history of the institute. She proved her versatility when she also became the 1st Insolvency Professional in the country to be registered with the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Board of India. This paved the way for her to excel as a Corporate Advocate focused on the space of reconstructing and rejuvenating corporate bodies. Today, not only is Mamta an elite member of the corporate law fraternity, but also a distinguished Speaker, Writer, Consultant, Trainer and Mentor. She has been a trainer with ICICI Bank and the Unit Trust of India. She writes for leading international journals, magazines and newspapers on varied topics. And above all, she is an inspiring mentor to many young professionals. She regularly speaks on mental health and has delivered more than 4500 lectures on a pro bono basis for the development of skill sets in Gennext. What are the strengths that drive her, we ask Mamta. “Honesty, perseverance, and a positive outlook,” she answers. She truly believes the adage ‘Perseverance conquers all’, and her ability to be optimistic in the face of challenges helps her balance things with ease. Coming from a progressive Marwari family, she considers family and maintaining healthy relationships a big asset: “My family gave me the courage to follow my dreams. Especially my husband Sumit, who embraced my ambition as his own and stood by me through thick and thin,” she says. A people’s person, Mamta understands the importance of teamwork and loves to share her mistakes with colleagues, for them to learn from it. She also fosters global connections and exposure to global practices, and takes a keen interest in corporate laws, leadership training, sustainability and CSR issues. To mention a few: She represented ICSI as a speaker at OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) Headquarters in Paris; She was a speaker at the Inter-Governmental meet at the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) forum held in Amsterdam and Madrid on issues of Sustainability; and she was part of the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) Annual Conference held in San Francisco on the subject ‘Integrating ESG in strategic investment decision making’. In addition, she has been covered by BBC World, appeared in Femina Magazine, and featured in a telefilm on her journey ‘Wah Zindagi’, widely viewed on YouTube. Unmoved by financial compensation, for Mamta, work is worship and every client, God. Her impeccable work ethic has brought her an extensive list of awards, some of which include: Bharat Nirman Award for Excellence in Professional Services; Tejaswini Award for bringing change in the social sector and empowerment of women; The Sculptors Bhavishya Ke Shilpakar Award in recognition of her contribution to the society; Insolvency Law Award Winner (India) 2020 by the International Advisory Experts. In 2021, she was conferred with the Asian African Leadership Award; became the first Indian to receive the prestigious IWIRC Women of the Year in Restructuring (Asia) Award; and was the Awardee of the AsiaOne Women Empowerment Principles Leadership Award in Dubai. A respected thought leader in the community, Mamta is a Member, Trustee and Board Director in innumerable Companies, Committees and Task Force. These days, she has made it her sole focus to live a life of purpose: “As a responsible citizen, I believe in interdependence and moving together. I am working through a lot of environmental and health issues, and one of the lead campaigns is minimal use of plastic,” shares the enterprising Mamta Binani.

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Chet Hirani

Chet Hirani Don’t Let The Doubt Extinguish Your Potential Instagram Facebook Chet Hirani is the kind of man who wakes up every morning intending to help at least one person in a day. There are not many people who find extraordinary ways to coach people, and as the founder of “Not your Ordinary Coach,” he does just that! Focused on optimising leadership, growth, and performance, Chet coaches people worldwide with the solitary goal of bringing out the best in them. He works with entrepreneurs wanting to excel to the next level and professionals who desire to perform at their very best. Ever since studying at university, Chet wanted to be a coach. A Martial Arts Instructor with over fifteen years in Software Tech combined with his life experiences brought into life the concept of “Not Your Ordinary Coach.” Chet’s past job before he founded this lifechanging initiative allowed him to thrive with newer approaches, resonated with his personality, sparking in him the idea of doing something that went above and beyond. Speaking more about his professional goals, Chet says, “I aim to ensure everyone I work with gain clarity like never before and build an extraordinary commitment to themselves.” Chet has helped multiple businesses turn from a single entity to a corporation that continues to work, grow and build a great relationship increasing and maximizing their full potential. He is also involved with supporting a business running for over twenty years to create a new brand for global expansion. Additionally, Chet also works with several start-ups, supporting them to establish a solid foundation, create growth and become a sustainable business. Alongside his mission of helping at least one person a day (he says at least because he doesn’t want to limit himself when it comes to helping others), Chet’s mission is to turn around and eliminate any limiting beliefs. “I also wish to help people realise their full potential and guide them to the next level” With a coaching leadership style, Chet’s approach is to be humble, honest, appreciative, and unique, despite his tremendous achievements. He believes that a coaching style creates collaboration between the leader and the team members that empower all. “Making the shift puts people in the driving seat of their performance.” Chet hold’s the word “spirit” close to his heart. “Spirit comes from within, and once this unleashes, your true potential will also shine.” He has experienced the worst, like depression, anxiety, alcohol abuse, divorce, being diagnosed with cancer, to then being told it was TB. But he never let the doubt extinguish his potential and kept going. There isn’t much of life’s downs that Chet hasn’t seen, but it hasn’t let his rock like spirit shatter. “Coaching has allowed me to take myself and others to a level I never thought possible. I want to ensure people know they are capable of more, and what they truly believe in is possible,” he shares about his professional choices. He attributes his success to the sheer resiliency of choosing the right people to be surrounded by who have been the driving force to who he is today and his achievements. “When you have a support system in place that picks you up when you’re down, it’s vital to know and acknowledge them.” In Chet’s opinion, striking a “perfect” work-life balance is non-existent, especially for entrepreneurs and professionals wanting to be the best. However, by reminding himself that his professional life is as important as his personal life, he manages to strike that unique balance. Not only does it have a positive impact on his physical and emotional well-being, but spending time with people that matter, and on your own brings out the best in him, which his business and achievements bespeak. Which is why he has created and implements the 5 States Of Optimisation to have that winning mindset, using fear as your strength and realising that staying in your own lane is not a narrow lane but a road that you own and you control. Ask him how he wants to be recognized, and he says, “My passion is to see all those who I connect or work with to be successful individuals but ensure you find your own unique success. When you believe in this from within and see it turning into a reality, you’re in the right place. This is how I want people to know Chet Hirani. His advice to someone just starting is just what they need to hear to keep going. “Perfectionism is progress, and you get better every day. Create something and get it out there. Listen to the feedback, build on this, and develop a new version, which is better. I’m improving every day and know I was better than yesterday. ‘Version One Is Better Than Version None’ – Not Your Ordinary Coach.”

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Charmaine KM Yan

Charmaine KM Yan Powerhouse of Innovation for Better Health By 2020-21, the world understood the value and importance of possessing good health and protecting it. Charmaine KM Yan, the founder of Bio Genage, observed how people went through and sacrificed a lot for their health, especially during the pandemic. She emphasizes healthy lives and maintaining wellness at all times with her business to protect our DNA with great health formula and to understand other health-related concepts like avoiding different viruses and maintaining a younger look with anti-aging solutions. Bio-Genange is a creative concept, working towards a healthy and innovative image that is potent enough to influence people with a good health system. The company believes and respects international law and regulations and therefore creates products with utmost food safety. These products vary for people of different ages to ensure maximum efficiency. “I think Bio-Genage can be a great motivator for the younger generation to understand, care, and maintain good health. Not just theirs, but it will also teach them to care for their family’s health, too,” Charmaine says. Every business faces some challenges. Charmaine balances herself to face such challenges with sheer patience and willingness to listen to different customers’ points of view. To keep expanding in the competitive market, Bio-Genage regularly keeps upgrading its products to meet people’s changing health needs. This task necessitates innovative thinking, accepting new changes in the business, and adapting to different markets & global environment changes. Charmaine and her hands-on team stay prepared to meet these needs of the market round the year. Charmaine swears by being productive, innovative, flexible in the innovative markets, and in carrying a good & healthy image. “For me, believing in other people in the business is the greatest investment of time.” An optimist by nature, this powerhouse of innovation for better health also professionally struggled during the pandemic. “We couldn’t go out to meet our clients or take business trips.” But that didn’t stop her and her strong-willed passion for contributing towards better health. Everyone at Bio-Genage kept their work going through zoom calls and e-commerce websites to connect with people and enable online services for customers. With confidence and faith in her abilities, Charmaine kickstarted this start-up with a business strategy that revolves around the concept of humanity. Under her headship, Bio-Ganage also partakes in noteworthy charity and donation activities. Bio-Genage made Charmaine believe in building up strong goals for a human’s health and creating a healthy eco-system as important. The firm, she trusts, will create a strong team, group, and global society to influence everyone to focus on their health and thereby protect our living environment. “Believe in your  intuitions, and don’t give up on your products, groups, or business easily. Give it 100 times more effort and time to achieve your goals. Change the world; change the environment. Reverse the bad in the economy,” says the dynamic lady. Charmaine also believes in creating good for the world, for which she relies on her strengths of willingness to accept changes, staying innovative, and being a creative leader for others. Besides that, she is of the opinion that trusting the staff’s abilities can be very profitable for any business. But sometimes, she is a little impatient or over-optimistic, making it difficult to reflect upon the usual ups and downs of the business. Over her twenty years of professional experience, Charmaine has accomplished and experienced a lot in commercial businesses such as retails, properties, and hotels. She possessed the knack of understanding the different demands of a market. In 2021, Harvard University certified her for CRISPR Technologies for gene editing. “Gathering deep knowledge about genes and the Cas9 system to cure different viruses and cancers was very challenging but worth it!” Technology has the power to build a stronger, upgraded living environment, which we can create by collaborating with one another. “I believe climate change with zero-emission is a suitable goal that we all should focus on and achieve this goal before 2050,” she adds. Charmaine wants to promote love and humanity to help our world become more sustainable and peaceful. “Our goals will be closer if we make this our mission.”

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Charikleia Stouka

Charikleia Stouka A Revolutionary Realtor With an Undaunted Mind Globe Linkedin “You must be very patient, very persistent. The world isn’t going to shower gold coins on you just because you have a good idea. You’re going to have to work like crazy to bring that idea to the attention of people.” – Herbert Kelleher Armed with resolve, perseverance and an agile mindset, Charikleia Stouka, founder of ALMA Real Estate Hellas, has built a solid global reputation as one of Greece’s leading real estate professionals, who, with a fresh outlook and a commitment to offering each client outstanding personalised service, has established ALMA as one of the country’s top boutique real estate firms. Charikleia’s story is a testament to the power of determination and commitment to truly transform lives. An avid learner since childhood, she dedicated herself to her education and, despite challenges, excelled at school, going on to study civil engineering at the University of West Attica in Athens. Coming in contact with the real estate industry through her studies and experiencing it further through managing some family properties, she identified and analyzed gaps and shortcomings in the market and resolved to address these. After working briefly at a local real estate office, Charikleia ventured out on her own, determined to forge her own path and build a business that would reach the pinnacle of success driven by values, principles and excellent business practices.  Charikleia launched ALMA Real Estate in 2001, running her fledgling business from a desk in the corner of her parents’ living room. Her mission was clear: to deliver a sophisticated and bespoke real estate experience centred on empowering clients with genuine, personal interaction. With a wild heart and mind and her unique blend of creativity and flamboyance, Charikleia knew from the get go that growth for the sake of growth is more trouble than it’s worth, so she choose to grow selectively but remain small. Two decades on, and known as ALMA Real Estate Hellas since 2021, the business has grown into a key dynamic presence in the Greek property market and has built a very loyal and steadily growing clientele by offering clients the best guidance based on their individual circumstances and specific needs in a streamlined, stress-free experience.  Over the years, Charikleia’s dedication to providing extraordinary customer-focused service and excellent results to every client, every time has remained unwavering, and her commitment to lifelong learning and keeping up to date with developments in her field has proven one of the most valuable tools in achieving this.  But lifelong learning isn’t just about training and qualifications. For Charikleia, lifelong learning is a mindset, an insistence on seeing every experience, and every mistake, as an opportunity to learn, learn, learn! and to grow. “We have to put in the work and keep gaining experience,” she points out, stressing that while patience and dedication are crucial, they must be paired with enthusiasm, creativity, and an agile mindset. Now spanning over two decades, Charikleia’s remarkable journey in the real estate business has been full of accomplishments. Her success has been driven by her love for her work and by the satisfaction she gets from every achievement, every completed deal, and every satisfied client—from that triumphant feeling of  succeeding through creativity. “I’m passionate about my work, about learning,  about achieving excellence,” she says. “In the words of Confucius, the will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” Today, ALMA’s clientele reaps the benefits of Charikleia’s considerable knowhow and industry expertise. Charikleia’s team provides truly exemplary client-focused service, in a boutique real estate experience that delivers bespoke actionable solutions to clients’ real estate needs, adds value to their properties, and helps them make smart and informed decisions that maximize their real estate investments. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, Charikleia Stouka remained steadfast in her commitment to excellence. “There were multiple challenges, but we were able to remain open for business, taking all appropriate precautions and implementing the necessary protocols to ensure that we could continue providing the high level of service and results that clients expect from ALMA,”Charikleia says of doing business during the pandemic. “I also used the extra time to take a remote learning course in Marketing from the  National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, which enhanced my marketing skills and helped boost my business, and I completed the course with flying colors”. I also took the opportunity to put everything in order, at the office and at home, which helped me hit the ground running when the restrictions ended.” For Charikleia, this continued and growing success comes with a responsibility to contribute to making the country’s economy stronger, and understanding that economic growth is driven by consumer spending and business investment, she recognises the importance of contributing at both the business and the personal level. “On a professional level, I work to help local and international clients invest in the Greek property market,”she says, “and on a personal level, recognize and exercise the potential impact of small individual actions, from being a responsible fiscal citizen to consciously targeting my spending to support local shops and businesses, particularly during the pandemic.” Today, ALMA Real Estate Hellas holds its rightful place as one of the leading boutique real estate firms in Greece, and Charikleia is globally recognised as a leader in the local market, renowned for the personal touch and authenticity that she imbues into every aspect of her business. Her unique ability to combine a wild heart and mind with extraordinary discipline and determination has propelled her to the top of her field and earned her a host of accolades, not least the title of Most Influential Leader in Real Estate 2021 — Greece. Her long, and growing, list of accolades includes numerous distinctions in recognition of her business acumen and ALMA’s successful trajectory. In the past year alone, Charikleia has been named one of “The Most Admired Women in Business 2021” and recognised

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Chantelle Simone

Chantelle Simone A Passionate Scientist with a Master of Eternal Mind Instagram Linkedin Chantelle Simone is a renowned Educational Thought Leader, the founder of Mindology Academy, and the creator of the Mind Mirror Meditation. A motivational speaker and an author, who has the passion to bring ultimate change in the society. In addition, Chantelle is Master Black Belt and a Master Coach at NLP. A true epitome and an all-rounder, Chantelle’s story is something that will create a spark in people’s lives. Chantelle is an ever-optimist and a master problem solver. She is a person who believes in God and is a liberator from the prison mentality! Chantelle has spent the past 20 years searching to find the most effective techniques and tools that let us change our mindset to the person God intended us to be. Her professional journey began with the question, “Why do so many people suffer and not enjoy the happiness or joy that we have? The Mindologist is a specialist in the connection between the mind and the spirit. Chantelle has helped a lot of successful ladies (and males) to eliminate their inner turmoil and bring peace and balance to their lives. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. At an early age in her life, Chantelle made a powerful decision that changed the direction of her own life. She was always inquisitive about why certain people had success while others stumble and suffer. There was a point at which Chantelle determined that whatever she wants in life, and for what motive she could make it and attain it. The decision made her consider her thoughts differently. Chantelle was adamant about the status quo. Explore the world instead of working full-time, and eventually became a self-sufficient thinker. Chantelle began her journey looking to discover the reality behind the successes and failures of life In order to improve her person, she put millions of dollars into her personal growth through living in 8 countries, working at the masters’ feet throughout the industry, and becoming Master certified for five different modalities of the Mind to satisfy the need to know the truth about life. Her research revealed two main elements that enable us to live in peace and lead meaningful lives. Chantelle quotations, “Many people devour their whole lives arguing within their minds, and they are not sure about what they want to do with their lives. This leads to an internal struggle that is accompanied by thoughts of unhappiness, doubt or anxiety”. The power of Chantelle is where she has devoted a significant amount of time to her goals. She believes and says that she’s here to do many aspects that relate to personal and mental development and progress. This is because Chantelle has discovered the universal approach to overcoming challenges in life so that humans can live with tranquility and flourish with purpose. Chantelle Simone has just established Mindology Academy where they have classes and programs that are experiential, to assist people in overcoming mental obstacles and reconnecting with their true, divine selves in order to live their lives with the path of their life. In Mindology Academy, they combine the body, mind, and soul, focusing on advances that stem from Quantum Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) as well as Prophetic Spiritual. The positive things Chantelle is doing are admirable and worthy of praise. This brilliant lady has also found a comprehensive universal solution that can help us overcome the challenges of life so that we can have peace of mind and achieve our goals. She is currently launching Mindology Academy where they have experiential courses and programs that aid people overcome mental hurdles and reconnect with their true authentic selves and living their lives with their purpose. For her, the world is for the first time and to create a lasting positive impact on our lives. She is convinced that we are all looking for that one thing that can light our hearts! It lets us enjoy the freedom, joy, and happiness we all want. This is the essence of an important reason! She recognized that she had an important pursuit that was beyond office doors and she was definitely determined to fulfill it. Her attitude saved the life she is currently living and also the life still waiting to live.

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caroline cavanagh

Caroline Cavanagh Global Specialist turning Anxiety into Positivity Globe Facebook ‘Anxiety disorders are the most common of mental disorders and affect nearly 30% of adults at some point in their lives.’ Caroline Cavanagh suffered from anxiety for years, until she used it positively to succeed. Today, she is a Global Anxiety Specialist, Author, Public Speaker and Award-winning Therapist. She was awarded ‘Consultant of the Year’ by the Association of Professional Coaches and Training Consultants in 2016. Based in the UK, Caroline is the Founder of Caroline Cavanagh Ltd, and consults in the areas of Anxiety and Phobias, Teenage Anxiety, and Hypnotherapy. “The passion that drives me is seeing someone leave a session feeling mentally stronger. Knowing that there are people alive today who may have left this world had they not learned the skills they gained in our sessions is a legacy few will know, but that will make my final breath a very easy one to take. The greatest passion, however, is working with teenagers and seeing them transform their futures, knowing they will also pass that learning on to the next generation,” says Caroline. Caroline was always fascinated by what makes people ‘tick’ and intended studying Psychology at University. However, anxiety prevented her from going to University. She didn’t even fulfill her potential as a promising gymnast due to anxiety, and slowly, anxiety started to determine the direction of her life. But all that changed in early adulthood. Newly married, Caroline’s husband who was in the military was deployed overseas for six months leaving Caroline alone. “One weekend a friend called saying she was doing an NLP course. I replied ‘I have no idea what NLP is but I am coming too’. And from there, I’ve never looked back. NLP helped me to start understanding the mind and our emotions. Next came a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. I was learning skills to use anxiety to grow and thrive,” recalls Caroline. Empathetic and transparent, Caroline is very open about moving from ‘suffering’ with anxiety to using anxiety positively. She opines anxiety is not a bad thing; its role is to keep us safe. It is how you use it that changes your path through life. Whilst many people struggle with this concept initially, when they see how to change, it creates a powerful impact on their lives. “At the core of my business is serving my clients. All of the interventions I apply, I have used myself, and as a therapist, I believe ‘practicing what you preach’ is key to establishing trust and respect with clients,” she adds. Caroline put many of the techniques and tools she uses in one-to-one sessions for people to transform their anxiety into resilience, in a book she authored – Anxiety Alchemy, in 2016. In addition, she continues to be a sought after public speaker internationally. However, she says her greatest pride is having raised two incredible children who will make their own impact on the world as they now venture out as adults: “Being able to be the mother I wanted to be and still juggle work alongside has been an incredible honour. I have never missed a school play or sports day which was important to me, and my teenage children have become very emotionally mature after meeting clients and seeing the challenges people have in life,” she says, adding it was something similar that gave her a direction in life. “As a child, I had a humble upbringing where there was not enough money to go around but love and laughter were abundant. But a great change in direction came when my big brother had a massive brain injury that left him severely disabled. Despite his challenges, he never gave up. That gave me the determination to live my life to the fullest, explore every opportunity, rise to any challenge – be the best version of myself! And this is something I aim to now do every day,” shares Caroline. While Caroline possesses a sense of balance and practicability in abundance, she feels it is ‘curiosity’ that has helped her through her journey: “Curiosity has led me on a path of continuous learning. I work in an area where scientific research is continually delivering new understanding about the mind which will continue to keep my curiosity alive and my knowledge growing.” With time, Caroline has learned to ensure self-care is a high priority. Speaking about why this is important, she says, “There is so much focus on physical health and exercise. It is time to now balance this with a focus on mental health and strength. Your mind is your greatest asset and it will serve you well; nurture it, give it leadership, embrace anxiety, and live every day to the fullest.”

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